The 3 levels

1st level

Opens Breathing patterns

It refers to the physical and mechanics of our breath. We learn to breathe more efficiently, using the whole respiratory system, in a very simple way and with the support of the facilitators and together with the tools that accompany the process. We will begin to become aware of the way we breathe and by analyzing it we can work on our limiting breathing patterns.

When our breathing pattern is more open, activated and connected, we will get in touch with our natural ability for self-healing.

2nd level

Clearing the Subconscious

It deals with removing the reasons why our respiratory system was blocked. Once we have opened, activated and connected our breath, we begin to cleanse our unconscious.
The breath creates an energy of high vibration, and with the natural phenomenon of entrainment, is as if it boils our unconscious bringing out the psychic energy (mind/emotions) blocked bringing to light repressed emotions, thought patterns, family / cultural conditioning, and/or negative behaviours that limit us in everyday life.
In this way we can integrate into our consciousness all that in the past has been denied, repressed, suppressed or temporarily stored consciously or unconsciously. We learn to face that part of us that is unknown by starting a patient reconstruction work of our original nature, lost along the way, and by learning to recognize those parts of us denied in others.
At this level we learn to work in our unconscious through valuable tools such as Byron Kate's "The Work" and Michael Brown's "The Presence Process".

3rd level

Connection to higher states of consciousness

As these blocked energies are released, our limiting beliefs disappear, allowing our truth of inner wholeness and perfection to emerge. This level allows us to consciously connect with the higher part of our Being.

The result of the integration, even if partial, of the unconscious creates an opening towards higher levels and dimensions of awareness; and towards an experience of a more complete union between Spirit and matter.
At this level an inner rebirth can occur, including through breathing in water, and learning other advanced breathing modalities.