"Breathe deeply and Laugh loudly"

The Breath

The Breath is a fundamental function that is within us from the day we are born up to the last moment of our lives. WE can restrain from eating for weeks, from drinking for some days but without breathing we can only survive for a few minutes. Having a full and open breath means going back to living a healthy and joyful life!

What is Transformational Breath®?

It is a self-healing and empowering process based on a conscious, abdominal and connected breath that improves physical health, produces emotional integration and opens you to higher vibrational states of awareness.

Who can practice Transformational Breath®?

✓ Babies
✓ Children
✓ Pregnant women
✓ Elderly people

The Transformational breathing technique's goal is to recover the fullness and fluidity of our original breath.
We work with newborn babies as well as with elderly people. It is particularly effective to ease pregnancy and labour. There are no contraindications for people with heart or respiratory conditions, on the contrary it is advisable because it helps to resolve them. For those undergoing chemotherapy it is particularly effective in freeing the body from toxins.
We also have specific projects dedicated to work at schools.