Indalecia Rohita Ziritt

Indalecia Rohita Ziritt

Senior Trainer - National Leader

Osho Sannyasin, Senior Trainer of Transformational Breath®, National Leader of TBF for Italy, Director and Co-Founder of Transformational Breath® Italy. Following her continuous journey (Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu & Tuina Practitioner, Sound & Voice Healer, Osho Meditations (Dynamic and Static), Osho Pulsation (Reich's work: freeing emotional feelings), Spiritual Purification, Shamanism, Akashic Records and others) has found her passion and mission in supporting others in their unique healing process, teaching and facilitating conscious breathing in Transformational Breath® (Personal and Professional Training).

A meditation

Led by the voice of Indalecia Rohita Ziritt

Thanks for the music and arrangement:
Marco Veet, musician, meditator and friend -
Luca Piccoli, voice and sound arrangement

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