Judith Kravitz

Judith Kravitz

Founder of Transformational Breath®

Judith Kravitz is the co-creator and founder of the Transformational Breath® process, which she has been spreading around the world for the past 45 years.
Transformational Breath® is now present in 53 countries.
Mother of eight children. She created this method from her personal experience of self-healing with breath from a malignant throat tumor.
Judith travels all over the world to share this wonderful technique and trained over 3000 facilitators and personally led over 100,000 people in both group and individual sessions.


How did your interest in breathwork begin?
It was in the 1970s when many new things were being born on the planet. My first breathwork session was with rebirthing and I experienced how powerful breathwork could be. When I went back to the time of my birth, because of the anesthesia they gave my mother, my breathing was very labored. I remember my efforts with each breath and my first impression was of a tiring life because of my labored breathing. I also had the realization that because of this first experience and the beliefs that followed, I was continuing to create one struggle after another in my life and I realized that I could not continue with this pattern. At first I took note of the struggles in particular and at a later time I decided to block out this continued need to strive in relation to my first impression. After the session, I observed that I was struggling much less in my life, and I became more interested in learning more about healing work through the breath. I was practicing TBr at the time, and soon after the breath became my tool for healing myself from throat cancer.

How does Transformational Breath® work?
TB works as a simple form of self-healing. By bringing more oxygen into the body, TBr produces profound changes at the deepest levels of one's being. The first level of TBr works on opening the respiratory system to create an open, fluid breath. This brings more "prana" or life energy throughout the body, creating more energy and improving health. TBr also allows the flow of energy in the body to be more balanced and free flowing. The second level of TBr uses the vibrational energies of the breath to cleanse the subconscious mind of negativity. By working with a precise pattern TBr creates a higher energy vibration that reaches the electromagnetic field, i.e. it brings the lower energy patterns to a higher state, which permanently raises the frequency of the vibrations and cleanses the subconscious mind more. The third level is the result of the first two, i.e. when the mechanism opens and the lower subconscious mind is cleansed, the space of connection with the higher subconscious state or soul level in our being is created. This level makes us aware of the highest dimension of reality and aspects of ourselves. The third level allows us to experience and express our true spiritual nature and to integrate these qualities into our life experiences in a concrete way. As TBr experiences evolve, our breath continues to improve, our subconscious frees itself from past repressions and we become who we really are; loving and joyful beings.

What is the purpose or goal of TB?
The purpose of TBr is to teach how to facilitate oneself and use the breath as a means of self-healing throughout life. In the beginning it is important to work with a facilitator who removes major traumas and repressions from the subconscious, thus creating enough clarity and confidence in the individual to continue the practice on their own. Before this, it is necessary to learn the specific breathing technique in order for this process to be done correctly and be effective. Generally three to five facilitated sessions are recommended before being encouraged to breathe on their own.

What do you think are the most important benefits of TBr?
Learning how to breathe fully by fully opening up the respiratory system and allowing the breath to flow in and out. This allows you to get the full potential of benefits with the increased oxygen supply in your body. These benefits range from increased energy, increased detoxification, improved health, and the free flow of the life force in the body.
Cleanses from past emotional repressions in the subconscious mind. It allows the individual to free the energies from the feelings and vibrations of repression patterns, to reach truer and deeper emotional states, such as joy and love, while bringing our inner experiences into our outer life. It brings mental clarity and focus on goals. As old thought forms are integrated with the energies of the breath, the mind finds more peace and ability to focus.
It teaches how to use one's breath to heal and integrate specific problems. Since certain breath patterns correspond to particular problems, changing the breathing system allows for major life changes. This is very powerful. It stimulates the ability to deepen one's connection with the spiritual nature and the highest dimension of reality. Breath is the key element to open the path to the highest levels of reality and understanding how to use the breath leads in TBr to experience higher states of awareness.

To whom would you recommend Transformational Breath®?
The wonderful thing about TBr is that it is accessible to everyone and anyone can benefit from it, young and old, in any physical and emotional condition. Using TBr combined with other modalities, shows that it enhances everything it is combined with. For example it facilitates massage, improves acupuncture and chiropractic, heals digestion, and of course respiratory function. There is no other process that can get in the way when using TBr.